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Health Promoting Deck of Cards to Schools and Institutions


Hafnarfjarðarbær’s institutions and schools will in the next few days receive a deck of cards with 52 ideas for recreation and experiences in Hafnarfjörður, all year round. Homes in Hafnarfjörður received the deck in the autumn of 2017. They have now been updated and are also available in English.

Hafnarfjarðarbær — a health promoting workplace

Hafnarfjörður has updated and reprinted the popular health-promoting deck of cards sent as a gift to all homes in Hafnarfjörður, in the autumn of 2017. The deck of cards contains 52 creative ideas for activities and experiences in Hafnarfjörður all year round. Now the deck of cards is also available in an English version. Even more people will therefore have the opportunity to experience the great opportunities that stem from using the deck of cards.

A gift to schools and institutions

Hafnarfjörður´s institutions and schools benefit from the reprint, as they will receive the new deck of cards as a donation. The gift can be used freely in school and social activities. In this way, messages about the importance of physical activity and the presentation of the opportunities offered by the local environment can be conveyed more easily.

Management is also encouraged to present to employees the health promoting benefits and opportunities available to the municipality’s human resources, including:

  • Free admission to all swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður
  • Free library card
  • Fitness subsidy
  • Transport subsidy
  • Diverse health-related courses at Straumur
  • Access to Dokkan and Stjórnvísi

Indeed, with this deck of cards, life gets more fun. We are Hafnarfjarðarbær — a health-promoting workplace

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