Important information for new families in town with children of all ages.

Starting preschool

Preschool is the first school stage and the start of children’s school journey.

Enrolment rules in Hafnarfjörður aim towards children getting preschool placement from 15 months old (depends on the month of birth).

All parents or guardians, independent of residency, can apply for preschool stay in Hafnarfjörður’s preschools through My Pages. However, children must have legal residence in Hafnarfjörður when the preschool stay starts.

Hafnarfjörður reserves the right to enroll children in preschool by age. The main allocation of preschools is at spring each year for preschool places that become available when the oldest age group starts primary school. Enrolment is also performed in February, by availability. Other allocations are evenly performed throughout the school year, as preschool places become available due to moving or other reasons.