Leisure activity grants

Hafnarfjörður subsidises sports and leisure activities for children aged 6–18 for ISK 4,750 per month.


Utilisation of the grant

When parents or guardians register their child online for sports and leisure activities they can choose to use the leisure activity grant in the Sportabler app. The grant is deducted from membership fees each month. Unfortunately, a grant cannot be reimbursed if it has been allocated an association.

The associations can be within or outside of Hafnarfjörður. The list of participants can be found on My Pages. Students in music schools can also utilise the leisure activity grant.

Sports association isn’t available

If a sports club does not turn up on the list on My Pages, please contact the Service centre by phone: 585 5500 or at hafnarfjordur@hafnarfjordur.is to find out whether the club has a contract with Hafnarfjörður Township. If a club has a contract but does not
show up in the system, you can apply for the grant with a special application on My Pages.

When can a child get the grant?

Children are applicable for a grant from 1st of January the year they turn 6 years old and until 31st of December the year they turn 18. The grant is paid once a month during the months the child is attending practices.

Grant during summertime

If a child does not use the leisure activity grant during the summer (June, July, and August) you can use the monthly grant amount towards summer courses that last eight days or more. The grant is paid on the 20th of each month for applications received no later than the 15th of that same month. Grants cannot be moved between months.

You can apply for the summer course grant in a special application on My Pages.

An original copy of the invoice must be attached to the application. The following must be shown:

  • Full name and ID No. (kennitala) of participant.
  • The name of the relevant sports or leisure association, which department and what course.
  • Start and end date of the course.
  • Total cost.
  • Stamp or employee’s signature.