After-school shuttle services

All children in the 1st to 4th grade are offered after-school shuttle services to sport and leisure practices starting at 15 and 16.


Training schedules and registration information for sports and leisure activities can be found with the sports and leisure clubs. It is recommended to first register children for practices and then for the shuttle services.

The shuttle services are free of charge and all registered children can join.

Children that are not registered for an after-school centre in the 1st – 4th grade can still utilise the shuttle services. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children show up at the right time at the departing location.


The shuttle drives from after-school centres in Hafnarfjörður every weekday, except during Christmas, Easter and winter holidays of primary schools. The shuttle makes stops at various clubs and associations, such as the dance school, the music school, Björk Gymnastics, FH (in Kaplakriki), Haukar (Ásvellir), SH, the badminton association, and Keilir golf club.

An employee from the after-school centre accompanies the children on every trip and ensures the safety of the children on the shuttle and that everyone ends up at the right destination. Parents or guardians will then pick up the children at the practice location when it’s over.