Support services – Brúin

Support teams in preschool and primary schools help children who need support or special services.

What is Brúin?

Specific support teams operate within preschools and primary schools to nurture children and their families well-being with collaborative methods. Brúin is a system that supports and strengthens services for children in preschools and primary schools who are facing challenges. The emphasis is on service in levels, provided as soon as possible. At first level, basic resources are activated, while higher levels use a more systematic approach with interdisciplinary collaboration.

What is a support team (Brúin-team)?

Members of the support teams include school professionals and special education advisers from the Department of Education and Public Health. The role of support teams is to map out a child’s status and seek co-operative solutions, in support of the child and their family. Education, behaviour, development and wellbeing of a child are discussed with the consent of parents, or guardians, and appropriate resources are activated to react sooner against the difficulties or situations that the child is in.

Examples of resources:

  • Special needs teaching.
  • Personal support
  • Support family
  • Parent counselling and education
  • Consultation with education representative for multiculture
  • Klókir litlir krakkar (Smart little kids) – a course for parents with children with anxiety disorders
  • PMTO (Parent Management Training–Oregon method) for children with behavioural problems. Personal treatment, group treatment and parent courses, are available
  • Child protection services

Get assistance from a support team

If your child needs assistance, support teams are available. We recommend talking to your child’s supervising teacher in primary school or the department manager in preschool.

Among the issues the support teams help with:


Lack of focus or unsatisfactory performance in school.

  • Behavioural problems
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Distress
  • Unacceptable home circumstances