Waste collection

By law, household waste in Hafnarfjörður shall be sorted into four categories; food waste, mixed waste, plastic packaging, and paper/cardboard. In addition, residents are expected to sort glass, metals, textiles, and deposit beverage containers before disposal at drop-off centres or recycling centres. Food waste and mixed waste is picked up every 14 days, and plastic and paper every 28 days.

General information on the four categories of household waste can be found on the website www.flokkum.is.

Information specific to Hafnarfjörður can be found below.



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      Food waste

      Waste that goes in the organic waste bin includes:

      • Eggshells
      • Food waste
      • Coffee grounds
      • Fish waste

      The organic waste bin is emptied every 14 days.

      Mixed waste

      Example of waste that goes in the mixed waste bin includes:

      • Wet wipes
      • Dustbags
      • Diapers
      • Sanitary towels

      The mixed waste bin is emptied every 14 days.

      Paper and cardboard

      Paper and cardboard

      Example of waste that goes in the paper bin includes:

      • Newspapers
      • Paper bags
      • Pizza boxes
      • Beverage cartons

      The paper bin is emptied every 28 days.

      Plastic packaging

      Example of waste that goes in the plastic bin includes:

      • Snack bags
      • Plastic film
      • Plastic bags
      • Shampoo bottles

      The plastic bin is emptied every 28 days.

      Neighbourhood containers

      Glass, metals, textiles, and deposit beverage containers are collected from drop-off centres.

      Hazardous materials and large items

      Hazardous materials cannot go in the bins. Hazardous materials, metals, timber, and other large and heavy objects that can damage equipment should be brought to disposal terminals.

      FAQs about the new sorting system

      The website flokkum.is provides answers to frequently asked questions. There you will find more information about the sorting system, drop-off centres, and the new waste bins.

      Arrangement of waste containers

      Information on the arrangement of waste containers in apartment buildings and single family houses can be found here (icelandic) . Property owners and housing associations are responsible for making sure that there is a sufficient number of containers for each category.

      Property owners in Hafnarfjörður are responsible for buying, renewing, and maintaining the waste containers.

      Buy bins

      On My pages, you can buy new bins. If you are adding an extra bin to your collection then you need to request for a collection for any extra bins

      New lids for bins (from 2013 and earlier) can be purchased in the Maintenance and Construction Department.

      Neighbourhood containers

      There are neighbourhood containers in six locations in Hafnarfjörður. In all locations, there are containers for paper, plastic, and glass, along with containers for clothes for the Red Cross and sometimes for bottles for the Scouts. A big container for metal is located near Fjörður shopping center.

      Tjarnarvellir, at Bónus.

      Hlíðarberg, at Iceland.

      Miðvangur, at Nettó

      Hólshraun, at Fjarðarkaup

      Sólvangur, vat Sólvang

      Fjarðargata, at Fjörð

      Waste bin storage

      Handling and conduct around waste is important. Residents should build the structures in accordance with the current municipal plan. Various parties offer smart solutions in this regard.

      Locked waste areas should have a lock that fits in with the system Hafnarfjörður Township uses. These locks can be bought at Húsasmiðjan, Lásahúsið, Neyðarþjónustan and Lásaþjónustan.

      A solution for apartment buildings that are equipped with half-underground containers is underway in cooperation with house associations regarding disposal of the four waste categories in accordance with the waste sorting reforms of 2023.

      Earth material collection

      You can bring reusable, inactive earth material such as earth, gravel, and stones to Bolaaldir. Concrete fragments free of protruding iron and other materials, such as insulation, paper, and cladding, can also be brought there.

      Smaller portions of waste can be brought to Sorpa by Breiðhella. Residents do not pay for disposal of regular household waste. Companies do not pay for recyclables. Disposal of grass, tree branches or garden waste from households is free of charge at Sorpa.