Living in Iceland

Are you new in Iceland? Or still, adjusting? Do you have a question or need assistance?

Multicultural Information Centre

The aim of the Multicultural and Information Centre (MCC) is to enable every individual to become an active member of Icelandic society, no matter the background or where they come from. They offer information and advice on moving to Iceland, how it is to live here and what rights you have.

All their services are free of charge and confidential. You can talk to them in English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Lithuanian, Russian and Icelandic.

Learning Icelandic

There are many schools you can learn Icelandic in Iceland, currently there are no language courses located in Hafnarfjörður. The Multicultural Information centre has information on the topic on their website.

All of Iceland’s public services in one place is a centralized portal for public services in Iceland. Here you can access personal information securely and many self-service tools. The site’s expanding service offering simplifies the user experience and makes information readily available.

E-CERTIFICATES – Rafræn skilríki

What are mobile phone E-certificates ?

The e-certificates are stored on your SIM card and you choose a PIN to use them. The e-certificates work on both old and new mobile phones and all operating systems. No card reader, no software, no apps for your computer. You just need to have your mobile phone nearby.

Where do you use E-certificates?

E-certificates can be used on various websites of over 180 service providers which include:

  • Government agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • High schools
  • Pension funds
  • Trade unions
  • Sports clubs
  • Energy companies

More information on E-certificates