The goal is that seniors in Hafnarfjörður can live independently for as long as possible. Social activities, exercise and various support is available.

Driving services

Apply for services

Seniors who can’t use public transport can apply for a driving service for doctor’s visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, or day programs.

Who can get driving services for seniors?

Residents of Hafnarfjörður, 67 years or older. Other criteria:

  • Live independently.
  • Do not own a car.
  • Unable to use public transport.

How to apply for driving services?

The application can be found on My pages. If you are applying for more than 8 trips, you need to have a recommendation from a professional, for example a note from a doctor or physical therapist.

For more information you can send questions to

How to order a drive?

You can order a drive with the services on Hópbílar website (in Icelandic) or call them at 599 6084. The order must be with at least two hour notice. Please call rather than use the web if the trip is within 24 hours. The phone is open from 07–15 on weekdays and 07–16 on weekends.

What are the service hours?

You can order a drive every day from 06:30–00:00. On major public holidays the driving service is from 17:00–22:00.