Young people

Youth houses offer a wide range of activities, courses and support for young people in Hafnarfjörður.

Role of youth houses

The role is to offer culture activities and services for young people in Hafnarfjörður. On one hand it’s recreation with preventative, pedagogical and cultural value. On the other, it’s to provide a venue for leisure and get-togethers with equals in a safe environment. The focus is on diversity and that all feel welcome.

The youths themselves drive the activities, while project managers oversee daily operations and professional work.

Operation of youth houses

The work is carried out in clubs, councils, group work, and short-term projects. The focus is getting young people to be active participants in the work, especially those who need special encouragement and support. An emphasis is on democratic working practices as well as strengthening self-esteem and social skills of young people, with equality as a guiding light.