People with disability

People with disability are entitled to the service and assistance they need to be able to live an independent and active life. Warmth and encouragement are practised in all situations.

Employment and functions

Habilitation, job training and sheltered employment are intended to provide people with disability with training and support to participate in daily life or in the job market.



Sheltered employment

People with disability can apply for a job in a sheltered workplace.

Sheltered workplaces are intended:

  • to provide people with disability with paid job training to prepare for employment in the job market.
  • to provide people with disability permanent jobs.

Employment with support (AMS)

People with limited work ability can receive a specialised service called Employment with support (AMS). They receive assistance in finding suitable work on the general job market and support for that work.

Applications are done on the website of Directorate of Labour. If you want to know more, you can send your enquiries to


Grants for cost of school and equipment

People with disability can apply for a grant for study cost that is not paid from other laws. The studies must have value as habilitation or rehabilitation.

People with disability, 18 and older, can also apply for an equipment grant for homework or independent work.

The grants are advertised when open for application.