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Interested in agriculture, food preparation and food waste?


The Hamarinn ungmennahús (youth center) is looking for 8 young people aged 16-19 to participate in a friendship town tournament in Tartu, Estonia, May 20th-25th.

Would you like to join us in Tartu in Estonia to discuss food waste, food preparation and cultivation?

Hamarinn, youth center, is looking for 8 young people aged 16-19, interested in food waste, food preparation and cultivation, to join us for a friendship town tournament in Tartu, Estonia, May 20th – 25th.

No travel expenses for participants, flights, accommodation and living expenses will be fully paid for.

This is a golden opportunity to train your creativity and ideas, put them into practice and communicate them effectively, and last but not least to meet other young people from the Nordic countries with similar interests, ideas and goals.

All you have to do is formally apply with a 300-word paper explaining why you think it is important to combat food waste and strengthen young people’s knowledge of crops, food preparation and environmental protection. The submission may be submitted in writing, video, podcast or any format that suits you in Icelandic or English.

The application must be submitted by the 11th of March 2024, to the e-mail address All further information can be obtained from Magga Gauja by calling 664 5551 or meeting her in the Hamarinn youth center.

Hafnarfjörður´s friendship town´s can be found all over the world

Hafnafjörður has ten friendship towns around the world. The chain of Nordic friendship town´s meet regularly at tournaments held every two years. The tournaments consist of events by youth, sport and cultural groups from the Nordic towns, as well as conferences and seminars on various common issues in the Nordic towns.

Further information on Hafnarfjörður’s friendship towns can be found here in Icelandic.

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