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Mountain bike practices: Training sessions for kids aged 10-18 years old (2013- 2005) every Tuesday from 18:00-19:00 and every other Saturday from 11:00-13:00.

Practices start on Tuesday 11 April outside BHF facilities in Flatahraun 14.

Tuesday practices will take place in or close to Hafnarfjörður. Meeting point in BFH facilities unless otherwise announced. Saturday practices will always take place outside on trails within or close to the greater Reykjavík area. We encourage parents to carpool if needed. Participants need to bring water and an extra inner tube, as well as make sure they are well nourished before practice. For Saturday practices it is recommended to bring snacks (especially the younger ones). A good helmet is obligatory and we also recommend further personal protection equipment, especially back and knee guards. Such guards are obligatory for participants that have advanced to more technical trails and jumps, and are especially recommended for Saturday practices.

The bikes must be mountain bikes in good condition, brakes, gears and tires up to standard and need to receive regular maintenance during the season. The last practice is scheduled for 13 June. 10 weeks and 15 training sessions.

The training fee is ISK 28,000, and can be divided into two equal payments.

Registration is through Sportabler.

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