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The “Bara Tala” app empowers foreign preschool staff


Employees at Hafnarfjörður´s preschools can use the “Bara tala” (e. Just talk) app free of charge. The app is for those who do not have Icelandic as a native language but are eager to learn it.

Speaking Icelandic with an accent, you can always find the answer

Employees at Hafnarfjörður´s preschools can use the “Bara tala” (e. Just Talk) app free of charge. The app is designed for employees who want to strengthen their basic Icelandic skills. So it’s not suitable for advanced Icelandic speakers.

To begin with, only human resources at local preschools are offered the app. Employees who are interested will receive a link via text message, then they are ready to go. Implementation is currently ongoing. The language is taught with images and sounds. It is therefore not necessary to know English to learn Icelandic.

Handy preschool vocabulary in the app

The app is a big step forward. It’s still developing. A special category will be added to the app in the spring that will be tailored to vocabulary needed in preschools. In due course, the words that need to be there will be consulted with professionals. The app “Bara tala” teaches the Icelandic language, in the same way children learn languages. The program relies on artificial intelligence and Icelandic language technology. Emphasis is placed on diction, pronunciation, dialogue and vocabulary.

The benefits of the app are many, but the main ones are that it provides a key to be a larger part of the community. One of the greatest advantages of the app, is that it understands when people speak with an accent. It’s very important, as Icelandic comes in diverse forms today.

You got this! Let’s go, Icelandic.

  • Learn more about the app here
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