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The ties of friendship with Tartu were strengthened!


A delegation of twelve representatives, from Hafnarfjörður’s friendship-town of Tartu in Estonia, visited Hafnarfjörður last week. They were introduced to the various activity and sport facilities in the town and were very pleased with the warm welcome.

Representatives from Tartu visited the beautiful fjord!

Guests from Hafnarfjörður’s friendship-town, Tartu in Estonia, were properly introduced to the town when they came for an official visit last week. They visited Lækjarskóli where Kristín Blöndal, teacher, gender specialist, and project manager for the implementation of sex education and gender studies in Hafnarfjörður elementary schools greeted them. The twelve representatives of the delegation were introduced to the various activity and sport facilities in town and met with Magnús Gunnarsson, chairman of the board of Haukar and Viðar Halldórsson, chairman of FH.

The delegation also visited the brand new facilities of Hafnarfjörður´s skate/snow-board aassociation and met with Aðalsteinn Valdimarsson, Chairman. Aðalsteinn Hrafnkellsson, director of the swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður, and Klaus Jurgen Ohk, manager and swimming coach at SH (Hafnarfjörður´s swimming association), also met the group of representatives and showed them the facilities.

Hafnarfjörður and its friendship-towns

Tartu is one of Hafnarfjörður’s friendship-towns, just like Tvöroyri in the Faroe Islands and Baoding in China. The Cuxhaven friendship association also operates in town, which connects the friendship-towns of Hafnarfjörður and Cuxhaven, Germany, but that friendship was established back in 1988. The Head of Administration handles foreign relations on behalf of the town of Hafnarfjörður.

In general, the aim is for the friendship-towns to meet every other year. During these visits, there are events by youth, sports and cultural clubs from the towns, as well as conferences and discussions on various common issues of the towns. This also promotes visits by school groups and educational visits between the locations. The day with Tartu’s delegation was a great success and the ties were strengthened with the friendship-town.

The municipality of Hafnarfjörður thanks the delegation very much for a lovely visit.

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