HR policy

Hafnarfjörður Township’s goal is to be an interesting and good place to work that attracts and retains qualified employees. The work environment should give employees the opportunity to develop and improve their knowledge so that people can flourish in their work.


Professional methods are used in the recruitment and reception of new staff to ensure that the town hires competent, flexible and positive people.

All jobs are advertised except for temporary hires or job transfers. All applications for advertised positions are answered after the recruitment process is completed.


Managers should adopt professional and modern management practices and set a good example. Management training is available for all managers, and a management manual is available on Lækurinn, the town’s internal website.

The role of managers is to:

  • Prepare an operating plan in consultation with employees and distribute responsibility.
  • Ensure a good information flow to employees.
  • Build a positive work environment that strengthens the team.
  • Give employees regular feedback on their work, including annual employee interviews and performance evaluations.

Hafnarfjörður Township’s focus

  • A positive work environment where the wellbeing of the staff is a priority.
  • Employees feel like a part of a team.
  • Management and staff value diversity and treat each other with respect.
  • Work facilities and equipment enable employees to perform their work in the best possible way.
  • Employees feel that their work is valued and that they have the opportunity to maximise their performance at work.
  • Prejudice, bullying, violence, or gender-based and sexual harassment are not tolerated.
  • Employees can balance work and family life with flexible working hours, part-time jobs, or job transfers.
  • Workplaces are non-smoking, and it is not allowed to be under the influence of drugs during working hours.