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Sailing courses

Summer course introducing the sport of sailing with the goal of participants being able to operate a sailboat at the end of the course. Participants are taught to respond to the ever-changing circumstances that arise at sea, sailing on kayaks and sailboats, safety and sailing rules, as well as code of conduct regarding boats and equipment.

Sailing – open hours

Þytur sailing club offers members 10 years and older to practise rowing and sailing on the club’s boats as well as private boats that have been approved by a supervisor. A patrol boat is in place and an adult on the shore to assist if needed.

Sailing – training group

The training group is meant for children that have completed a basic sailing course and wish to further increase their skill and practise sailing at a competition level under the supervision of a coach.

Sailing a Keelboat

Paid sailing members are authorised to use the club’s sailboats. The crew must consist of at least three members, with minimum one holder of a pleasure craft license, or a higher type of licence.

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