The Work school

The Hafnarfjörður Work School offers fun and educating jobs for teenagers in the town.


All teenagers, aged 14–17, who live in Hafnarfjörður can get a summer job at the Work School. The Work School offers constructive work and education in a safe environment. Employees receive a fun insight into the economy, as well preparing for the general labour market.

The office of Hafnarfjörður’s Work School is located on Suðurgata 14. From 1st of May, the office is open at 8–16 Monday to Thursday, and 8–14 on Fridays. You can also reach employees of the office by phone in 565 1899 by email at

Applications are accepted from mid-April.

Principal tasks

  • Cleaning of streets and neighbourhoods.
  • Planting of summer flowers.
  • Cleaning of flowerbeds.
  • Mowing and raking.
  • Turfing.

News about the activities of the Work School can be accessed on its Facebook page.

Children with allergies

Every year, children with all kinds of allergies attend the Work School. The rule of the Work School is that the teenagers must bring a medical certificate. Then a project will be found that is suitable for the person in question with regard to allergies.


Rights and obligations on the labour market

Presentations will be held for all employees about rights and obligations on the labour market. In this way, students become more knowledgeable about the labour market after their work at the Work School.

Peer-education programme

Every summer, peer educators visit each group of 15- and 16-year-olds. The topic of discussion is environmental education, which is a large part of the work of the Work School.

Every summer, the Work School has recruited an environmental representative who is responsible for educating teenagers in this field. This year, the peer-education programme will handle that education.