How much does it cost?

After-school centre fees are collected according to a rate list. Use the calculator below to find out the cost of the after-school program.


How much does it cost?

You can choose how many days your child will spend at the after-school centre. Daily rate applies. Included in the rate is an afternoon snack, stay and extended attendance on days when it’s open all day.

Sibling discount

Sibling discount applies to kids in after-school that have siblings there as well or in preschool or day care. The discount is applied to the rate, for any additional child. Full rate applies for the youngest sibling and the discount is:

  • for the second sibling: 75%
  • for the third sibling: 100%
  • for the fourth sibling: 100%

Calculate the cost

What is the cost of having children in
afterschool care for days a week?

Calculate Recalculate
Residence fee kr.
Meal fee kr.
Total kr./month.


This is only an estimate of the cost according to the value that was put in.