Registration for after-school center

Children in the 1st to 4th grade can take part in various after-school activities in their after-school centres from end of school until 17:00.



Registering a child in after-school centre

You register your child through the Vala after-school system. Please make sure to register before June 15, since after that, applications will end up on a waiting list that’s not processed until August. Registration is for one school year at a time (August to June). Make sure that all information is correct, special needs are listed as well as information about extra support if needed. Please verify the contact information, if a child lives in two homes you may need to add contact info.

When a child is accepted to an after-school centre you will receive an email which you will have to respond to within three days to complete the registration. After the deadline you must contact the relevant after-school centre for assistance.

If the after-school centre is not fully staffed in the autumn, your child might have to wait a little to start the after-school program.

Cancellations and amendments

If you need to change or discontinue the registration you should notify the department manager of the after-school centre. This should ideally happen before the 15th of each month for it to come into effect at the end of the month.

Cancellations for spring semester must be sent to the department manager at the relevant after-school centre before December 15th, otherwise the application will be extended until and through June.

Winter holidays for schools and special days

The after-school centres are closed on red calendar days and during the winter holiday of primary schools. Also, the after-school centres have two joint staff planning days annually.

They are open all day on schools’ joint staff planning days and weekdays during Easter and Christmas holiday. Special applications for stays during these days are necessary, through the Vala after-school system. The department manager will send further details ahead of time to parents regarding these applications.


The role of after-school centres is to offer diverse leisure activities for students in 1st – 4th grade after the traditional school day. Activities are based on choice, group activities, workshops, and outdoor activities. Afternoon snacks are offered in middle of the day.