Day care

Day care parents have their own price lists and are not allowed to consult on their prices, which is why the prices differ from one day care parent to the other.


Become a day parent

Are you interested in becoming a day care parent? Apply here with us.

What do you need to become a day care parent?


To become a day care parent, you need to:

  • be 20 years or older
  • have completed a professional certification course
  • submit a medical certificate for you and other residents in your home
  • submit a reference letter from previous employer if possible, or two references from responsible parties
  • submit a criminal records certificate for you and other household members over 18 years of age
  • submit a fire safety inspection report
  • have an inside play area, with a minimum of 3 m² for each child.
  • provide satisfactory and hazard free outside area
  • buy accident insurance for the children within a month after you receive your license

Certification courses

Certification courses are held around twice a year at Námsflokkar Hafnarfjarðar. The course objective is to provide concise and structured education on the upbringing and caring of children, their needs and development, children’s deceases, accidents in the home, as well as first aid, fire protection and child safety.