Day care

Day care parents in Hafnarfjörður are self-employed but receive work permits from the town, which oversees the operation.


Day care in private homes

Obligations of day care parents

Each day care parent is allowed to supervise up to 5 children at any given time. The duration of stay can be up to 9 hours per day, every working day.

The day care parent is responsible for the safety of the child during their stay and should attend to their all-round mental and physical well-being. This applies to nutrition, games, toys, exercise, outdoor activities, emotions, and social satisfaction. The day care parent should inform parents or guardians on how the day went and supply all information regarding the child.

Obligations of parents

The decision of keeping a child with a day-care parent is always the parents’ responsibility.

It is important that parents familiarise themselves with the day care parent’s circumstances and the manner of the day care. They should inform the day care parent about the daily habits of the child, and the day care parent should likewise inform the parents about the daily organisation, e.g. diet, sleeping time and facilities for playing and sleeping. It is important that parents honour the agreed staying time and notify if someone else is picking the child up.

Parents should notify the day care parent about incidental illnesses of the child. You cannot bring a sick child to the day care. Parents should also inform the day care parent about changes in circumstances that could affect the child’s condition.

The adaption period

It’s important to give the child enough time o adapt, and extra care should be taken during that period. The time that the child needs for adjustment is different between individuals. Parents and day care parents should agree on an arrangement and jointly decide what is best for the child.


The Day care representative supervises and handles operations of day care parents and is based at the Office of Education and Leisure Services of the Hafnarfjörður Township.


Three spontaneous visits are made to each day care parent each year, where safety issues, the facilities and number of children are checked. Furthermore, a survey among parents is carried out, to obtain more information on the day care.

The parents are in the best position to monitor the operation of day care parents. If there is anything regarding the day care that is bothering you, it is best to go directly to the day care parent and seek a mutual solution. However, if you are concerned about the health of a child or conditions at the day care, you should contact the day care representative.