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Award ceremony for the town’s most beautiful gardens


In Hafnarfjörður there are many beautiful gardens and tidy grounds. It is a pleasure to see how many people are diligent and enthusiastic about making beautiful spaces around them. Hopefully the recognition awards, given each year, will have an inspiring impact on the residents, businesses and institutions of our beautiful town.

Gardens and grounds that excelled in neatness this year

Thursday, September the 7th, awards were given, for gardens and plots that excelled in neatness this year. Many suggestions were received from the townspeople, and an employee of the Department of Planning and Environment, travelled around all summer to carefully examine all the nominations received, as well as to make proposals for excellent gardens, himself. The awards ceremony took place on the stage in the newly renovated and colourful Hellisgerði and Tinna Bessadóttir, from Álfakaffi, provided beautiful and tasty refreshments for all the guests.

Contractors receive recognition for the first time

Hafnarfjörður has a lot of beautiful gardens and tidy plots. It is a pleasure to see how many people are diligent and interested in making beautiful spaces around them and hopefully the awards that were given in Hellisgerði last week will encourage other townspeople to look after their gardens and grounds and thus contribute to making our town even more beautiful. This year no garden was chosen more beautiful than the other, they were all neat and splendid. For the first time, contractors received recognition for elaborate and beautiful finishes in two areas, Dvergsreitur and Stekkjarberg. Alot of effort has been put into completing the communal garden spaces in a professional manner, cavernous trails with a snow-melting feature, planting beds and good lighting. It is so important that new buildings are constructed in such a way that they fit well in with the environment and that all garden spaces are attractive and well organized. It is not always that the contracting companies take pride in building green spaces, but in these two cases GG verk, performed with great splendor and are therefore well deserving of this award.

Below is a list of the award-winning gardens and plots that received this year’s award.

  • Dvergsreiturinn Lækjargötu 2
  • Stekkjarberg 9
  • Álfaskeið 16
  • Fjóluhlíð 12
  • Spóaás 24
  • Víðiberg 7
  • Birkiberg 8

Pictures from the ceremony

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