People with disability

People with disability are entitled to the service and assistance they need to be able to live an independent and active life. Warmth and encouragement are practised in all situations.

NPA (User-controlled personal assistance)

Apply for NPA

NPA (User-controlled personal assistance) is a service to make it possible for people with disability to live a life with the same opportunities as people without disability.

How does NPA work?

NPA is based on the philosophy of independent living. The person with disability manages how the assistance is organised, what assistance is provided, when and where it happens, and who provides it.

A contract is made with Hafnarfjörður based on the applicant’s needs. Monthly payments are estimated allowing the individual to manage and organise the service according to their needs and wishes.

Counsellors are available to provide further information on NPA and consult on the application process.

How do I apply for NPA?

The preferred first step is to book an appointment by calling 585 5506. You can also send in an application on My Pages, it’s only in Icelandic for now though. On the application you check “Annað” and specify “NPA”. A counsellor will be in touch. When your application has been received you and the counsellor will estimate together the need for support. Together you will come to an agreement about work hours and other information and prepare an NPA contract.