People with disability

People with disability are entitled to the service and assistance they need to be able to live an independent and active life. Warmth and encouragement are practised in all situations.

Family support

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Families of children with disability can get temporary accommodation for children and teenagers that need comprehensive care.

Short-term accommodation

The short-term accommodation offers rest and entertainment, assistance and direction regarding daily routine as well as preparing the individual for moving out from their parents or guardians. By using this service, the strain on families is decreased and children are given the opportunity to experience new things and enjoy themselves.

Adults with disability that have long-term need for support and live with their parents, can also use short-term accommodation while they wait for other services.

Short-term accommodation can both be a regular thing or for a certain period of time. The time of stay varies depending on individual circumstances, most commonly a few days a month. Services during the short-term accommodation are free of charge. However, individuals older than 18 pay the cost of food.

You can apply for short-term accommodation on My Pages.

  • Móaflöt in Garðabær provides short-term accommodation for children 16 and younger.
  • Hnotuberg 19 in Hafnarfjörður provides services for individuals 16 and older. The services are available around the clock and 6 individuals stay there at any given time. Time of stay is either 3, 4 or 7 days, every four weeks.
  • Hrauntunga in Kópavogur serves people 18 and older and is specifically aimed at preparing for independent living. Time of stay is 14 days at a time.

Support families

Families of children with disability are entitled to a support family. The child stays with the support family for short period of time to provide their parents or guardians with rest, as well as allowing the child to experience new things, offer encouragement, and support social skills. The support family usually takes the child in for 2 days a month.

Applying for support family

Applications can be found on My Pages. The assessment takes the child’s disability and need for care into account, as well as the social circumstances of the family.