People with disability

People with disability are entitled to the service and assistance they need to be able to live an independent and active life. Warmth and encouragement are practised in all situations.

Homes and residential centres

Apply for services

Hafnarfjörður operates residential centres and homes for people with disability which have been designed with their specific needs in mind

Support in your own home

In Hafnarfjörður, people with disability can receive appropriately equipped rental housing at fair prices, allowing them to live independently for as long as possible.

Support services, intended to take account of the circumstances, wishes and needs of each individual, are available. Home services are available, irrespective of whether people are living in their own apartments, rented apartments in the general market or in rental social assistance housing.

Services available:

  • Shopping assistance.
  • Short visits.
  • Evening and weekend services.
  • Cleaning.
  • Activities.

People who need more services and are still able to live at home can receive outside support. They will then receive services of residential centrers in their home.

Residential centres

People with disability who need special housing and comprehensive care are applicable for housing in residential centres. Services tailored to individual needs are available day and night or part-time. The housing is designed with equality and well-being at the forefront.

How do I apply for housing in a residential centre or support?

You apply for housing or support on My Pages. For further information or assistance, you can book an appointment with a counsellor by calling 585 5500.