The goal is that seniors in Hafnarfjörður can live independently for as long as possible. Social activities, exercise and various support is available.

Nursing homes

Two nursing homes are operated in Hafnarfjörður: Sólvangur and Hrafnista.

The nursing homes

Sólvangur and Hrafnista provide medical services day and night. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are also provided. Residents are offered healthy and nutritious meals and variety of entertainment. Day program is available in both homes.


Hrafnista in Hafnarfjörður is the country’s largest nursing home with 199 residents. Hrafnista aims at providing customised care for each resident, promoting self-help, and helping residents adjust to new circumstances. The staff is trained to get to know each resident, their background and life story.

There is a small shop there and also pedicures, hairdressing, handcraft, and psychological support. Social and cultural activities are offered, as well as regular masses and evenings of entertainment.

Naustavör owns 64 rental apartments on the property, at Hraunvangur 1–3. Tenants can utilise Hrafnista’s various services.

For more information you can check out the Hrafnista website or send an enquiry to


Sólvangur nursing home has 60 residents. Sólvangur aims at creating a warm home environment and strong emphasis is put on fostering active communication with the residents’ families.

Sólvangur operates a lively work room. Singing, reading and storytelling are among activities that everyone takes part in. Social activities such as cinema, singing and physical training are a weekly event. There is close collaboration with the local area and institutions, for example co-operation with preschools and primary schools, where students often visit Sólvangur. These visits are extremely pleasant and allow residents to experience new things, while students get to know the lives of residents in Sólvangur. Yearly events include bingo, Þorrablót (Midwinter Festival), Sólvangur Day and a barbeque.

For more information you can check out the Sólvangur website or send an email to

Applying for nursing home

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  • When your application has been approved you will receive a letter in the mail. The letter will include a list of nursing homes and an application form. You fill out the application according to your wishes and send it back by email or regular mail.

If you have questions about the application process, applications that are being processed, or need advice on choosing a nursing home, you can contact the committee on weekdays from 11:00–12:00, by phone 513 5000 or email at