The goal is that seniors in Hafnarfjörður can live independently for as long as possible. Social activities, exercise and various support is available.

Food services

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Nutrition plays a large role in maintaining good health and skills. Seniors can have meals in canteens or have food delivered to their home.

Canteen for seniors

The town operates two canteens that seniors can use every weekday 11:30 – 12:30.

  • Hjallabraut 33. For further information, call 555 0765.
  • Sólvangsvegur 1 For further information, call 565 2392.

Fee table

Mötuneytismatur kr.
Mötuneytismatur með afsláttarkorti 750
Mötuneytismatur, stök máltíð 837

Home-delivered meals

Those who are not able to cook for themselves, temporarily or permanently, and are not able to use the canteen services can get meals delivered home. You need to apply for home delivered meals on My Pages, a certificate from a professional needs to be included in the application.

Fee table

Heimsendur matur kr.
Hver máltíð 858
Heimsendingargjald 316